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President's Message


Outstanding achievements have been accomplished in all domains relevant to King Abdulaziz University's functions: education, scientific research and community service, in the context of its strenuous strive to attain the level of First World universities. Indications of these achievements include: sponsoring and holding several scientific gatherings such as conferences, symposiums, workshops, public lectures, in addition to various activities and cultural pursuits.

From this perspective, the concept of establishing the Media  Center was formulated. H. E. The President of the University issued a decree establishing the Center charged (entrusted) with the task of documenting all academic events and activities performed (carried out) within the University campus or at any branch campus throughout the Kingdom.

The Center produces and distributes compact discs (CDs) and videotapes covering various ceremonies (events) including receptions by the University top management, conferences, workshops, symposiums, public lectures, student activities, graduation ceremonies held at various University branches. Furthermore, the Audiovisuals Department supervises the production of an annual film highlighting the outstanding achievements accomplished by the University throughout the academic year.

In addition, the Publications Department produces various informative publications to promote the University and its various sectors with a view to acquainting the reader with their respective functions and accomplishments. Such publications are issued in Arabic, English and French versions, and are periodically updated.

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