Deputy Director of the Center letter


The Media Production Center wasestablished by King Abdulaziz University to meet an imperative need to acquaint society with the successive developments and accomplishments carried out at KAU in all aspects of academic life: upgrading our curricula, scientific research, community service, establishing colleges and institutes, founding new universities, creating new types of academic study, introducing various e-services, distance learning, centers of excellence in research, introducing general educational courses, innovating academic departments international accreditations, introducing new graduate programs, various scientific conferences .. etc., in addition to a long list of distinguished achievements, involving several initiatives and pioneering experiments which should be registered and documented on account of their significance and impact on the advancement and promotion of academic education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to be retained in the memory of future generations.

That is the significant task assigned to the MPC: to compile and provide document and publish data on the various activities and pursuits of the University; to disseminate the results of scientific research conducted at the University; the programs offered by the University; the continuing education and community services programs offered by the University, in addition to promoting scientific and technological knowledge in society.

Communication with community is a fundamental duty conferring benefits / beneficial to both the University and the society / all beneficiaries of the academic services provided by the University, who must / should be informed of the university's accomplishments, academic programs, scientific and cultural activities in various disciplines of interest to society, which are designed and devoted, first of all, to the service of the community.

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