Media Center

Activities Center

1) To provide essential components required for fulfillment of the Center's objectives such as promotion and training programs.

2) To create a definite clear cut mechanism for following up and registering the University achievements and cultural activities.

3) To prepare, publish and update annual reports about the University and its activities.

4) To prepare and issue a periodical bulletin news covering the events, activities and achievements in the University, to be distributed within and outside the University.

5) To participate in publishing and distributing leaflets and brochures relevant to festivals conducted at the University.

6) To publish books and pamphlets dealing with issues and affairs relevant to the University and its role in building the knowledge and development society.

7) To update and reprint already published data.

8) To support and promote the execution of functions carried out within the University or in which the University participates, such as: symposiums, conferences, workshops, scientific seminars, achievements, awards giving, press conferences, patents, graduation ceremonies, students ceremonials, etc.

9) To take part in organizing press conferences for high-ranking University officials as may be required.

10) To construct a documented data base on University achievements and various information media.

11) To collaborate with mass media with a view to fulfilling the University objectives and strategies.

12) To maintain/keep up documenting achievements of colleges, deanships and research centers, and endeavor to improve the mental image and impression of society thereof and to carry out relevant plans.

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